Gail and Art Obendorf

Glass Art Oregon was founded by Gail and Art Obendorf on New Year’s Eve 2016.

Gail’s desire to blow glass was ignited in the 4th grade when she saw a filmstrip (Yes, that dates us) about Italy & the glass blowers in Murano. It was quickly quenched as she realized that she did not live in Italy.

Gail has a background in pottery and it was her involvement in the Willamette Art Center that finally led her to glassblowing classes & a giddy joy, as she finally had the opportunity to make that 4th grade dream come true.

With Gail’s encouragement, Art went to a glassblowing class several years ago, on a bit of a lark. He has been joyfully hooked ever since.

Gail and Art blew glass together off and on for several years until the glass program at the Art Center was discontinued. Through a series of unrelated blessings, they were able to purchase the equipment. After a long wait, and a lot of work, they completed the changes in infrastructure that allowed them to open the Hot Shop at their home. And that of course, takes us right back to the top of the story. With the Glass Art Oregon hot shop now at their place of residence they are living happily ever after, blowing glass at every opportunity.